Naturnica Keto : Chris ShipmanYou want the proper to bare palms because the weather warms, proper? Tone up with the Alternating Arm Shoulder Press from No health club Required: unharness Your internal Rockstar (Key Porter Books, 2009; $19.ninety five) with the aid of fitness pro Jennifer Cohen.

1. sit down on an exercising ball with a three– to five-pound dumbbell in your proper hand and a 5to 8-pound dumbbell for your left hand. Straighten your palms and raise each at your sides to shoulder peak. Bend left elbow so the dumbbell is parallel to the ceiling (as proven at right). Press your left arm up, straightening elbow. Then lower left arm to the beginning position. Do 10 reps.

2. switch weights to the other fingers and do every other 10 reps, leading with your right arm, to complete 1 set. Then do 2 extra sets on each side, the primary with eight reps and the final with 6 reps.

three. Do the complete circulate 3 times every week, and you have to see important effects in three to four weeks—just in time for sleeveless climate.

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